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How do I get a parking permit?

All Parker cars must display a Parker parking permit in the front driver's side window at all times. Doing this helps us ensure that cars are parked in their correct locations and assigned spots (for students). The School will follow up with any drivers whose cars do not display the proper permit.

Student Parking Permits

Students received their parking permits at the start of school. The color of the parking permit matches the grade color. Seniors will receive a red parking permit and juniors will receive a blue parking permit.

Faculty and Staff Parking Permits

All Linda Vista faculty and staff received their parking permits during the professional development day in August. Faculty and staff will receive a gold parking permit.

Students, Faculty, and Staff with multiple cars

Each junior and senior student and each faculty and staff member will receive one parking permit. If you don't drive the same car to school or work each day, we ask that you adhere the permit to a piece of clear plastic so that you can move the permit from car to car. You must display the permit at all times when parking for school or work.

Replacement Parking Permits

Please contact Parker's Security Team by email to to request a replacement parking permit.