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How long has Parker been planning for Parker Forward?

For over two decades! When we started the Generations Campaign at the tail end of the 1990s, the School was focused on updating and redeveloping both the Mission Hills and Linda Vista Campuses. The priorities were academics and the arts. At that time, the newest building on either campus was the Fieldhouse, erected in 1994, and it was determined that physical education and athletics would be contemplated at a later time for capital improvements. 

Fast forward 17 years, after we moved into our new academics and arts spaces, celebrated our Centennial in 2013, grew the endowment to over $40M, and tore down the Middle School Gym to build an underground parking garage and the Student Life Center (Phase 7: Heart of Campus), it was time to laser focus on the final priority (along with academics and arts): student mental health and wellness, physical education and athletics. Please enjoy this amazing video capturing Parker’s transformation over the past 20+ years!  Watch here.